What is True American?

True American is part Candy Land, part drinking game, and 100% ridiculous. It's a game played on New Girl, but their version gets boring after a while.

So we made some adjustments to keep it just as confusing, and even more fun.

The president picks 2 cards, and everyone does what the cards say. Then the game tells you how many spots to move.

Repeat until unable to walk. Simple.

Oh, and the floor is lava.

True American GIF
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Make sure you're ready

You don't need all of these to play, but some things make the game more fun:

PBR. The true beer of True American
Solo cups, and a table big enough for beer pong
Any hard-to-break object about the size of a football (we used a small foam roller)
Hot sauce
A deck of playing cards
Ping pong balls
A camera to capture the best moments
Good friends who are game for anything

If you pull a card and you don't have the materials for it, don't worry about it!

Just skip it and keep playing