How to play True American

The rules of the game

Set up your living room / dining room

You will need to set up at least one spot for each player. Couches, chairs, yoga mats, anything goes.

Make sure everything is stable and close together – the floor is lava, so you’ll be climbing from spot to spot.

Set up the White House. Stack a table with copious amounts of beer and a bottle of whiskey in the middle.

Place the phone/laptop this game is being played on, onto the table.

Finally, have a big table set up for beer pong

Pick teams

Everyone run to a spot, count to three and have everyone put up a number from 1-3 on their forehead

People with the same number will be on the same team. If there is some one who doesn't have a team, have someone volunteer to join them.

Starting the game

Everyone fills their cup, then grabs an additional beer or shot

The host yells “1, 2, 3, JFK!”

Everyone else yells “FDR!” and shotguns a beer or takes a shot

Playing the game

Whoever is seated to the left of the White House is the president

The president pulls the cards by hitting "next card"

Every third card pulled from the deck is a movement card, in which everyone moves and the president changes.

In games like Ruth Bader Gin-sberg, the lava freezes and everyone can walk on the floor

The White House

The White House is like the GO spot in Monopoly.

Every time you pass the White House you refill your cup, and you must pour at least half a can into your cup when you do so.


At this point, it might seem like a lot to remember

But the goal of this game is to just have fun

If the group doesn't want to play a card, just skip it!

If you forget a rule or get confused, just make up your own rules!

And one last thing...

Guantanamo Bay

Finish your drink before passing the White House?

Not drink enough, and your cup overflows when you refill it?

Step in lava?

If you catch someone doing any of these, yell "George W. Bush!"

The offender is sent to Guantanamo Bay, a separate chair outside of the ring

Every time a card is pulled, they can't participate

To get back in, they have to do Truth or Dare with the group

Every card, if they don't opt to play Truth or Dare, they have to take 3 drinks

Time to play!

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